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Our Blog

Welcome to our blog. Here you can find everything positive about Down The Caravan and regular information updates.

October 17th 2018

Thank you for your overwhelming support getting behind Down The Caravan

We would like to thank all of our followers for the encouragement and positive feedback we have received through our social meda pages, we can't thank you enough. Down The Caravan as you know is the next big comedy TV series and has so much to offer Wales.

September 18th 2018

Our very own Matthew Rhys is now an Emmy award winner

Hats off to Matthew Rhys who last night gained an Emmy Award for his performance in TV series "The Americans". The Emmy award category was for best actor in a drama series. Watch Matthew here receiving his award.

September 17th 2018

Over 9000 of you watched our official trailer of Down The Caravan

It was so good to see our official trailer of Down The Caravan being viewed over 9000 times, this clearly shows there is a demand for a new energetic welsh comedy to hit TV screens.

September 4th 2018

Down The Caravan will fit like a glove for any TV commissioner

Our TV comedy Down The Caravan is a well organised project and will fit like a glove for any TV production company or agency. We will create jobs in Wales and promote Wales to the world. We already have Hollywood star Matthew Rhys signed up as the executive producer who will also play a lead role, we also have an experienced director and cast line up ready to bring Down The Caravan to life.

August 28th 2018

Down The Caravan when commissioned will help tourism in Wales

Down The Caravan will boost the tourism economy in Wales. We will be filming all over Wales shopping in local towns and villages and boosting local businesses.

August 13th 2018

Down The Caravan will bring jobs to Wales

Down The Caravan once comissioned will bring a variety of opportunities to welsh people wanting to work in the TV and Film industry. Down The Caravan has the potential to create many jobs in the creative sector.

August 1st 2018

Matthew Rhys commits himself to being the executive producer for Down The Caravan once comissioned

There is already great news ahead for our Down The Caravan TV Series. Welsh Hollywood star Matthew Rhys has committed himself to being an executive producer of the comedy TV series once comissioned bringing a wealth of acting and industry experience with him to the project. Matthew is pictured below.

July 28th 2018

Down The Caravan to film all over Wales once comissioned

Our TV Comedy series is going to bring jobs to Wales but not only that, we will help boost the tourism industry in Wales once commissioned as we will be filming all over Wales and showing what an awesome country Wales is, learn more about our TV comedy Down The Caravan here :)